Run Susan Run


Susan James, married to a psychopath and facing certain death — runs away with a stranger…




Susan James, married to a psychopath and facing certain death — runs away with a stranger…

Susan, a thirty-two-year-old librarian from Ohio, left her husband, Blaine, on their fifth anniversary. Blaine, a former Navy Seal, had terrorized her for five long years and planned to murder her.

Emotionally scarred, it took all of the strength Susan could muster to leave. Blaine, wielded a lot of control and power, dictating her every thought, undermining her every move.  His mask never slipped to the outside world.

With the help of a psychic, Susan strategically plans her escape. The psychic sent former FBI Special Agent, Derrick Hampton, to aid in her escape. He lives in Las Vegas— a professional gambler who has earned the title of Whale.  He’s wealthy, good looking, and has a motive of his own.  Susan looks exactly like his deceased wife, Jenny. He falls in love with Susan and doesn’t want to let her go. Derrick challenges Susan beyond her limits—and teaches her how to defend herself.  She begins to make a new life with Derrick and his entourage.

Susan has an identity crisis when she is constantly mistaken for Derrick’s deceased wife, Jenny.  It’s as though Jenny never left.  Susan learns about Jenny by bits and pieces, and none of it is good.  Jenny had a drinking and gambling problem—and was having an affair with one of Derrick’s friends. She was planning to divorce Derrick.  Jenny’s mother was convinced that Derrick murdered her daughter.  Susan refuses to believe it.  She’s madly in love with Derrick.

When Susan files for divorce— Blaine doesn’t put up a fight. But when Susan returns to her childhood home alone in the middle of a blizzard, Blaine lies in wait. He tells her that he had Derrick investigated, and tries to convince her that Derrick murdered Jenny. He becomes savage and violent when she refuses to believe him. She fights for her life against a mad man determined to have her one more time. She wins and believes Blaine will go to prison. But he hires the best criminal defense attorney in Columbus, Ohio, and gets off with a slap on the wrist.

Blaine stalks Susan and becomes a monster on a rampage.  Susan realizes she must become a much stronger woman if she’s going to win against a mad man determined to murder her. Susan is all alone, in a fight for her life.

Jenny comes back.





The Characters

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The Story

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The World

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