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Tess of Owl Creek

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Tess McKinnon is going back to Owl Creek to a cabin where she'd grown up to carve out a life for herself.

Tess curses when a shiny black SUV speeds by leaving a trail of dust that settles on her like a shroud. He was handsome; he said he had a horse farm next to her cabin. He offered her a ride; she got into the car.

Tess noticed a litheness about him when he walked around to the driver’s side to put her bag in the car—and climbed in with ease. He wore a black hat and was dressed in a black jacket and trousers. She guessed he was a Mennonite though she’d never seen a Mennonite driving a car this nice. His tan face and lean body told her that he liked the outdoors and was a working man. She’d noticed his lips right away; they were firm. His nose was straight. There was no doubt about it; he was incredibly good looking. Suddenly, she was aware of her own dust ridden, sweaty body.

There was a mystery about the stranger. He didn’t talk a lot about himself. But she was an open book, and told him everything. Her mother had just passed away, and her step father was getting married tomorrow. Her only family was her dog, Buddy.

That night, on the creaky porch swing on the front porch of the cabin, Tess learned that Sawyer knew a lot about women. She was smitten with him. She’d never had a date, and Sawyer quickly swept her off her feet. He told her the old car they’d found in the garage of her Aunt Nettie’s bed and breakfast that she’d inherited was a collectible and worth a quarter of a million dollars. Together, they restored the old bed and breakfast where ghosts of her childhood still roam the corridors.

Tess is stunned when Sawyer revealed that he is the bastard son of Judge Daniel Stratford, the most powerful man in Brier Hill County. When Tess gives a dinner party at her bed and breakfast to meet the family, she is taken aback when his half-sister, Stephanie, shows an unusual interest in Sawyer. Tess is befuddled when Stephanie’s estranged husband, Richard Cooper propositions her to become his mistress.

Tess falls in love with both men. When her mind clouds with suspicion and doubt, ghosts of the past nudge her in the right direction. When Tess comes face to face with hatred and evil, she finds that she is not alone.


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The Fairy Tale

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A billion trillion science culture quasar citizens of distant epochs finite but unbounded vastness is bearable only through love rings of Uranus cosmic ocean, science quis nostrum exercitationem ullam corporis suscipit laboriosam.

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Meg Anne Brighton

  • Best Author for May `17
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